GYTR High Performance Kit YZ85 2018-

GYTR High Performance Kit

YZ85 2018-

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For 2019 a new GYTR® High Performance Kit for the YZ85 is developed in cooperation with YAMAHA RACING in Europe.
It is a result of their top-level knowledge combined with their GP 2-stroke racing experience.
The target of this kit is to improve the performance of the production YZ85.
Attention has been paid to reach a high performance level without forgetting the engine durability on heavy racetrack conditions as we have in Europe.

GYTR® recommends to use the kit for a new YZ85 model year 2018/2019
or an overhauled fresh engine to ensure performance and durability

Included in the kit:

1 GYTR Cylinder head + bolt and washer  1
2 GYTR Cylinder head insert + O-ring 1
3 GYTR ported cilinder 1
4 Blue silicone Radiator hose 1
5 GYTR CDI unit 1
6 Iridium race spark plug 1
7 GYTR silencer kit 1
8 GYTR exhaust pipe 1
9 Vforce Reed valve system + 4 bolts 1
10 GYTR Radiator cap 2.0 1
11 Kit needle 1
12 Owners manual 1
Spare parts ( not included in kit)
Reed valve spare BR8VF0RCSP00
Silencer fiber (package) 1SRFIBERSP00

Cylinder head with bolts and washers
Special CNC machined cylinder head will come with studs.

• The cylinder head insert with O-ring
It has a special shape of the dome in order to optimize combustion

• GYTR cylinder
The Ported cylinder developed by GYTR®. Cylinder improves airflow of the ports. Comes with new oil seal pre-installed for the shaft of the
exhaust valve system. Porting is CNC reworked and after that they are manually checked to rework the last edges.

• Silicon Radiator hose
For better routing of coolant with the GYTR cylinder head

It provides optimum ignition characteristics to improve the basic performance of the GYTR® Engine Kit.

• NGK Iridium race spark plug
High quality race sparkplug for long lasting reliability with high performance engine
GYTR kit Silencer
GYTR® designed this special aluminium silencer to reach the best engine power while ensuring the durability. (With laser engraved GYTR logo)
It also lowers weight of the bike.

• GYTR Exhaust kit Pipe
The GYTR® designed exhaust pipe has been improved to get more performance s made to provide a well-balanced performance and
throttle response in whole RPM ranges.
It also lowers weight of the bike

• VFORCE ® Reed Valve air intake system
Intake manifold with carbon-fibre reed valves for better throttle response and durability.

• GYTR high pressure radiator cap
The GYTR® radiator cap increases pressure up to 2.0 bar which prevents loose of coolant during races.

• kIt needle
Gas-needle to enhance the best performance of this GYTR kit.

• Kit Owners Manual
The manual gives you some additional information straight from the Yamaha Factory Racing experts to get the best performance and
durability out of your YZ85 engine.

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