Renthal Holker Ultra Tacky

1/2 Waffle

Varenr: 06301695
5+ på lager

Renthal Ultra Tacky 1/2 Waffle holker.

Ny gummiblanding fra renthal som gir utrolig godt grep


Info fra Renthal :

Ultra Tacky Dual-Compound Grips

  • Developed to increase traction between the glove and grip, increasing control and reducing rider fatigue
  • Unique Ultra-Tacky compound constantly produces and renews a sticky surface coating, which when combined with the Renthal Soft compound, offers an incredibly "grippy" yet comfortable surface
  • Sticky surface will last for the lifetime of the grip and if it loses its stickiness at any point, simply wash with clean water and allow the grips to air dry to re-activate
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