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Loctite 5699 grå pakningssement / pakningspasta

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5699 Flange Sealant

  • LOCTITE SI 5699 is a water/glycol resistant gasketing product, ideal for use on flexible flanges, machined or cast surfaces, metal or plastic.
  • LOCTITE® SI 5699 is a flexible silicone sealant and cures on exposure to moisture in the air to form a tough rubber gasket.
  • The product is designed primarily for flange sealing with excellent oil resistance or rigid flange sealing for example on transmissions and cast metal housings.
  • Ideal for sealing all types of flanges including stamped sheet metal covers where water-glycol resistance is required
  • Tack-free after 10 min.
  • It is tack-free after just 10 min. The product is water-glycol resistant and can be used on machined or cast surfaces, metal or plastic.
  • P1 NSF Reg. No.: 122998
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